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Asset Forfeiture in Washington

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Asset forfeiture has been around for decades, starting in colonial times when the government used it as a means of weeding out treason. Since then, asset forfeiture has become a tool to fight drug trafficking and organized crime. Unfortunately, the government doesn't always get it right and property of innocent individuals may be taken.

If you received a forfeiture notice or believe that your property was forfeited illegally, Attorney Wells can help. With nearly two decades of experience as a Seattle federal criminal defense attorney, he can prepare an aggressive defense for your case. He has a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and is passionate about fighting for your justice.

What kind of assets can be forfeited?

The government uses asset forfeiture to recover property connected with illegal activity, including drug trafficking, money laundering, and organized crime. The defendant must be convicted of the crime before the property in question is forfeited.

Property involved in forfeiture includes:

  • Contraband: Illegal property, such as drugs or paraphernalia
  • Proceeds from illegal activity: Any property that is a result of illegal activity
  • Tools used during illegal activity: Any property used to commit a crime, such as vehicles or homes

If the prosecutor can prove that the property was involved in the crime, it can be forfeited. Even if the property owner was not involved in the crime, the property can still be seized by the government.

You need a strong defense against forfeiture charges!

It can be difficult to protect your property from forfeiture on your own. The Law Offices of Steve M. Wells has extensive experience in and out of the courtroom and will work tirelessly to defend your case. Whether you were accidently pulled into the crime or were unaware of the use of your property, you do not have to stand by while your asset are seized.

Call a Seattle federal criminal defense attorney today to get the representation your case needs!

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