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Charged With Federal Conspiracy?

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If you have been arrested and charged with the criminal offense of conspiracy, then you could face significant penalties for conviction. You need skilled representation on your side, and you need to aggressively pursue a favorable outcome in your case. With the assistance of a Seattle federal criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Steve M. Wells, you can be sure that your rights will be defended, and many years of experience will be put to work for you to pursue the results that you need. Attorney Steve Wells understands the difficulties associated with federal charges, and you can look to his firm for the assistance that you need.

The criminal offense of conspiracy is a federal crime, and it requires several elements to be involved in order to be classified as conspiracy:

  • There must be an agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal act
  • The defendant joined the conspiracy knowing at least one of its goals and intended to accomplish it
  • One or more individuals involved in the conspiracy acted in a way as to further the crime

You do not have to have committed a crime in order to be charged with the offense of conspiracy. It only requires that you committed an act that furthers the crime. For example, you could be charged with conspiracy if you and another person intended to kidnap an individual, and you went out and purchased ski masks to hide your face.

Defending Your Rights in Court

If you are facing criminal charges, then it is important to seek the legal assistance of Attorney Wells immediately. He limits the number of cases that he handles in order to ensure the highest quality of assistance for each client that he represents.

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