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Medicaid Fraud Attorney in Seattle

The federal government does not look kindly upon those that are believed to have been involved in any form of fraud involving Medicare or Medicaid. The investigations into these crimes can take place over several months or even years, and you may have been unaware that you were the target of an investigation until you were surrounded by federal agents, handcuffed and taken into custody. These are frightening and dangerous situations.

The most important issue to resolve initially is getting representation from a skilled Seattle federal crime attorney. At our firm, the Law Offices of Steve Wells, you will be represented by one of the most respected and effective federal criminal defense lawyers in the Seattle area.

Read about our wins for more information about our firm. With over 2 decades serving in federal court, we have gained the insight, experience, and contacts within the system that have proven to be extremely beneficial to those we defend.

Penalties for Medicare and Medicaid Fraud: Years in Federal Prison

Heavy penalties are imposed upon medical professionals or clinics or other entities in a conviction. The U.S. Attorney's Office will be prosecuting the case, and the federal statutes that come into play include the False Claims Act, False Statements Act and some others. Generally, there is likely to be a 5 year sentence and a $20,000 fine imposed for each violation.

The federal authorities have ramped up the policing personnel working on identifying medical professionals or clinics that are engaged in fraud, whether Medicare Fraud or Medicaid Fraud. The convicted offender will be forced to pay back the government for any money received that was based upon a fraudulent claim submitted to either agency, with added penalties and fines.

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If you are currently accused of submitting any false claims, or for performing procedures that were not necessary and billing for these services, your legal situation is very serious. It is imperative that you retain a high quality, experienced Seattle federal lawyer before you answer any questions. Your future freedom could be lost, and you could face financial devastation. You may have been unaware that any fraud was taking place, or you case could involve an error or false accusations. Your rights may have been violated at some point in the process. It is crucial that you case is managed professionally.

The authorities are relentless and ready to take you to trial and prove you are guilty. Don't take any chances – call our firm now for help.

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